About Us

Let’s make great things together!

Fluid Capture Ltd is a multi-media/new media production company. We specialize in high-definition video production, our team captures compelling video content through camera movement that’s exciting, engaging and unique. Our visions and values form the foundation of the way we do business with our clients and vendors here at Fluid Capture Ltd.

Standing behind our vision are our principles of operating the business with a focus on trust, innovation and reliability. We are confident in achieving impactful visuals for our clients and have developed a strategy to guide our efforts.

Our Services

Let's make great thing together

Commercial Video

We specialize in high-definition video production. Our team captures compelling visuals through camera movement that’s exciting, engaging, unique and in-your-face.

Wedding Cinematography

Our wedding packages are tailored to create a short cinematic film telling your wedding story. We aim to bring you the true emotion and ambience of your special day.


We pride ourselves in capturing still imagery the truly tells a story of your product or brand. We are meticulous about light, which is where photography as a whole begins.

Creative team

Our talent team will get your story told in the best way visually

Melissia Hudson


Richard Voisin


Jelani Warner